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Payment System:

Comepay — is a universal payment system. It is a modern software and hardware system, enabling to organize the reception and admission payments of cell communication operators, Internet service providers, IP-TEL operators, pay television, and any other services.

To ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of our system, we employ high quality IBM and CISCO equipment, perform backup of software and information held by us, as well as duplicate server equipment.

For stable connection we engage only the Internet backbone providers. The simplicity and wide range of our hardware and software solutions can help you establish a mobile payment terminal in any place suitable for you. We make every effort to make cooperation with our company the most advantageous and convenient for you and your customers.

Our main objective:

To create, develop and improve the ways of acceptance of payments for routine services using different platforms: the Internet, cell phone, POS-terminal, stand-alone terminal, ATMs, payment terminals, self-service terminals, as well as we are extending the list of different operators, providers, banks and utilities.

We offer a comprehensive solution combining in a single system:

  • Operator or provider of the services;
  • Dealer (Comepay Payment System Agent);
  • Subscriber — the client of the operating company or provider who wants to pay for a particular service through Comepay payment system.

Comepay Payment System is convenient and efficient:

Subscribers are able to replenish their accounts on-line at any convenient place. Operators are able to collect payments on-line through the dealer network of Comepay Payment System. Dealers are able to accept payments directly from many operators by using standalone terminals, payment terminals, self-service terminals or PC, which increases their turnover and customer base.

Benefits for customers:

The subscriber pays for cell communication services at any convenient time: Comepay Payment System provides day-and-night service, seven days a week. No need to go to the bank or stand in long lines at ticket office — just go to any dealer who is connected to the payment system. Comfortable and familiar way of working makes the process of payment transparent for the Subscriber and does not cause any difficulties. The subscriber habitually pays the necessary amount, and the payment is credited to its account. The subscriber replenishes its account for any amount; it does not involve the par value of prepaid cards and other restrictions.

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