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Dear Sirs!

Comepay introduces new services:

24-hour information support and advice by the Comepay Call-Centre operators to payers. The cost is calculated on the basis of 150 Rubles per one terminal monthly. This service allows rendering support to payers on any matters related to payment execution.

Information support to terminal owners. Comepay Call-Centre personnel carries out 24-hour monitoring of terminals to detect incorrect operation or possible defects. They will promptly inform you about any errors or shutdowns. The cost of this service is calculated on the basis of 100 Rubles per terminal monthly.

We are sure that these services will ensure substantial reduction of costs of the individual support service. Meanwhile your payers can enjoy assistance of qualified and attentive operators of the Comepay Call-Centre.

  • Connection of individual entrepreneurs
  • Connection of legal entities
  • Please note that to work in our System you need an electronic numerical key that can be kept by eToken or ActivClient carriers ONLY.
    You need to send the package of documents for connection to the System to our office together with the said carrier.
    If there is no such carrier, you can buy it from us after any manager issue an invoice at any sales department.

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